Saturday, June 11, 2011

Free Kids' Educational Worksheets

It's been a while since I've posted a new blog, but today I found something that I think all families should have. During the summers, throughout my childhood, my mom used to give me homework assignments, from standard educational workbooks, each week that I was required to complete. I have two young daughters and one day I went to Kmart to see how much these workbooks cost. I found one for $7.95. At first thought you might say that's not much for a quality education, recognizing that a college textbook generally costs $100 or more. But, when I saw the price I thought, "Wow that's expensive, for a 20 page workbook for one grade, one course, and one child." My girls are only 2 and 3 now, so they're actually too young for those books anyway (these books are for school-age children).

This week, my mom and nieces and nephews visited us from out of town. Today, while there were here with me, I thought about those workbooks and decided they needed to do something educational today. Being the "internet search engine guru" that I am, I decided to search for something online that was similar to the workbooks. I was only looking for something to give them to read as well as some grade-appropriate mathematics problems.

I FOUND IT! This website is great for several reasons:

1. It's free
2. It's grade-appropriate
3. It covers several subjects
4. It's awesome
5. I was able to print out worksheets (stories, with questions/answers, mathematics problems, etc) for each of my nieces and nephews

It was great. It's a free online website that allows you to print worksheets for your kid so they can continue their education throughout the summer. I encourage you to share this site with others and use it for yourself if you have school-age kids. It's definitely worth it.

Please post your comments and thoughts.

Smart Spends Tip: Teach children the value of learning and self-education, and their opportunities will be limitless.

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